T3 / Medium 3D

Length. 1620 / 1530
Nose width. 310 / 292.5
Waist width. 252 / 237.5
Tail width. 294 / 277.6
Cam. 0
EF. Edge. 1129 / 1065
C. Length. 764 / 702
Sidecut. 5750 / 5400

Stance: 480-600 / 440-560 

Core. Natural Wood+X-WOOD+F-Material
Sidewall. ABS
Base. S905 Sintered Graphite







T3, equipped with distinctive wing plates, allows for more delicate control compared to previous models. The binding set positions are higher than the board itself, enhancing edge control with quick and sharp response suitable for deep turns. Additionally, the variable wing plates twist in conjunction with the board similar to skateboard trucks, enabling more adhesive turns. The newly adopted Medium 3D on the T3 is designed with a shape deeper than traditional 2.5D but shallower than 3D, providing a combination of 2.5D's edge feel and 3D's freedom.
Drawing from the wing plate design refined in T8, adapted into a directional shape, T3 offers control in a manner distinct from T8. From sharp carving on hard-packed snow to powder runs, enjoy all types of snow terrain with this entirely new all-mountain board.

I m a g e s




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