Length: 1680
Nose width. 155
Waist width. 128
Tail width. 134
Cam. 3D
EF. Edge : 1170
C. Length : 700
Sidecut. 18670

Prepreg Carbon
Core. Natural Wood+Bamboo
Sidewall. ABS
Base. S910 Sintered Graphite



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T9+Prepreg Carbon

The T9 SPC is an incredibly lightweight product based on the T9 model. It is a special product created using Prepreg Carbon to achieve a lightweight design while maintaining control over flex and torsion.
Prepreg Carbon SKI

The FIELD EARTH Prepreg Carbon SKI is a revolutionary product born through an extremely challenging manufacturing process. Unlike commonly used wet carbon, it utilizes prepreg carbon processed at high temperatures and pressures to create a product that is thinner and incredibly lightweight compared to fiberglass. While conventional products may experience significant camber deformation depending on usage, the unique properties of prepreg carbon allow for maintaining camber over extended periods. Moreover, the high flex characteristic typical of carbon can negatively impact skiing performance. However, FIELD EARTH has the ability to control the flex of the carbon itself, mitigating any adverse effects on ski performance. As an outdoor equipment manufacturer focused on natural environments, FIELD EARTH continues to adopt high-difficulty prepreg carbon materials. Additionally, the use of 2D or 2.5D shapes can be susceptible to the influence of uneven snow surfaces, leading to increased vibrations and potential impact on stability and edge contact. To address this, FIELD EARTH laminates thin aluminum plates between the longitudinally oriented cores, reducing vibrations while maintaining torsional responsiveness. This core design is also employed in FIELD EARTH's 2.5D SKI and SPLITBOARD models. By the way, 3D shapes, which capture the snow surface at multiple points, are not affected by the irregularities of the snow surface, offering even more superior performance.

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