Length. 1524
Nose width. 312
Waist width. 257
Tail width. 292.2
Cam. 1.5
EF. Edge. 971.3
C. Length. 971.3
Sidecut. 4390
Stance. 480-560


Core. Natural Wood+Bamboo
Sidewall. ABS
Base. S903 Sintered Graphite


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The KB, with a total length of 152cm, can be rightfully called a versatile board. Its shape, which curves in opposite directions at the nose and tail, allows for powerful control over the flow of snow, lifting the short tail while maintaining strong edge contact on groomed snow for stable and precise turns. The KB's overwhelming stability gives a sense of speed and enables high-speed carving maneuvers, while its maneuverability allows for agile control even in powder snow. This model is designed to be enjoyed by a wide range of individuals, from women to men. It excels in various conditions and offers a combination of stability and performance that appeals to many riders.

The traditional WOOD CORE used to be constructed in a vertical direction. However, the 3D CORE represents a new advancement. To achieve precise torsion and flex tailored to each model, it is built not only in a single direction but also in a 360-degree orientation, resulting in a more delicate and nuanced feeling.
The wood that forms the BAMBOO CORE, visible on the deck surface, may initially appear to be oriented vertically. However, it is not a simple vertical arrangement as before. Instead, it is connected in various angles, all converging on the base side. The 3D CORE is meticulously designed, incorporating detailed adjustments such as applying tension to individual wood lines and allowing force to release diagonally. It is completely integrated into the overall structure, delivering an immediately perceptible and pleasant sensation when riding. The deck design that showcases the functionality and design of the 3D CORE effectively expresses the characteristics of the BAMBOO LINE.

I m a g e s


RIDER : Katsunori Motomura



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