SVO Lefty

Length. 1570
Nose width. 307
Waist width. 247
Tail width. 270
Cam. 1
EF. Edge. 985/1010
C. Length. 717.4/707.4
Sidecut. 5455/5819

Stance: 480-560 

Core. Natural Wood+Bamboo
Sidewall. ABS
Base. S903 Sintered Graphite


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The SVO, with its complete asymmetrical design, is an exceptionally well-designed shape for enhanced maneuverability on sideways-riding snowboards.Not only is the outline shape asymmetrical, but the positions of the side curves, as well as the camber and rocker shapes, are also completely asymmetrical. The asymmetrical design of the FIELD EARTH stands in direct contrast to the asymmetrical shapes commonly found in traditional alpine boards.Due to the sideways orientation of snowboarding, there is a difference in edge length between the nose and tail, resulting from the angle at which the rider's feet are positioned. Additionally, performing turns on the backside, which is the side opposite to the rider's front side, can be more challenging due to the longer edge on the backside, which is influenced by the body's structure.Furthermore, the SVO adjusts the set stance angle through the board shape, making it easier to control both sides with the same sensation. However, when considering turns on packed snow alone, a simple shape that offsets the edges between the left and right sides (with the backside extending further back) is effective. Yet, such a shape can cause significant resistance on the backside in powder conditions, leading to slower turns. To address this, the SVO is designed with a shorter backside shape for powder, while ensuring that the edge contact on packed snow favors a longer backside, creating a truly opposite design that allows for two different sensations on a single board.As a result, the SVO enables precise turns on packed snow while offering incredibly nimble turns in powder. While the SVO boasts a highly distinctive design, it is ultimately crafted to make sideways-riding vehicles like snowboards exceptionally easy to control. Experience the ultimate ease of riding with the SVO.

The traditional WOOD CORE used to be constructed in a vertical direction. However, the 3D CORE represents a new advancement. To achieve precise torsion and flex tailored to each model, it is built not only in a single direction but also in a 360-degree orientation, resulting in a more delicate and nuanced feeling.
The wood that forms the BAMBOO CORE, visible on the deck surface, may initially appear to be oriented vertically. However, it is not a simple vertical arrangement as before. Instead, it is connected in various angles, all converging on the base side. The 3D CORE is meticulously designed, incorporating detailed adjustments such as applying tension to individual wood lines and allowing force to release diagonally. It is completely integrated into the overall structure, delivering an immediately perceptible and pleasant sensation when riding. The deck design that showcases the functionality and design of the 3D CORE effectively expresses the characteristics of the BAMBOO LINE.

I m a g e s


RIDER : Katsunori Motomura (SVO)
RIDER : Saori Toba (X3)




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