Length: 1750
Nose width. 143
Waist width. 117
Tail width. 125
Cam. 3D
EF. Edge : 1390
C. Length : 660
Sidecut. 24543

Core. Natural Wood+Bamboo
Sidewall. ABS
Base. S905 Sintered Graphite

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T7, which achieves a well-balanced overall performance, excels in various maneuverability aspects. It is not simply a ski with a centered position, but rather a result of detailed 3D design that ensures a smooth and stable feel without noticeable differences in weight distribution between the front and rear. T7 exhibits balanced performance in terms of swing weight, gliding ability, and turning capabilities in all maneuvers. With a specialization in swing weight, T7 is the ultimate freestyle ski. Its design, combining 3D shape and moderate rocker, allows for effortless control both on snow and in the air. Even with freestyle elements, it maintains a high level of stability inherent to 3D-shaped skis, providing enhanced maneuverability from low to high speeds.

The 3D shape of FIELD EARTH is incredibly smooth in any environment. It maintains stable acceleration even in deep powder or rough snow conditions.
The 3D shape is achieved by raising the effective edges into the air, allowing for more freedom and deeper turns. In conventional 2D-shaped boards, the effective edges at the nose and tail initiate turns, resulting in narrower turns. This is similar to the movement of a four-wheeled vehicle.
However, the three-dimensional shape of FIELD EARTH works in the opposite way during turns. It gradually contacts the snow in the direction of the effective edges from the center of the board. This is similar to the movement of a two-wheeled bike. By leaning the board according to the speed and trajectory of the turn, it can make deeper arcs. Similar to a bike, it can accelerate with each turn. In a car, accelerating while turning imposes various stresses. In contrast, the three-dimensional shape of FIELD EARTH, which is not governed by the effective edges, allows for greater freedom and control in making deep turns. It provides a comfortable riding experience where speed remains consistent regardless of whether it's on groomed snow or deep powder.

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