Length. 1618
Nose width. 305
Waist width. 255
Tail width. 290
Cam. 3D
EF. Edge. 1100.5
C. Length. 764.8
Sidecut. 6711.5/4401

Stance: 480-560

Prepreg Carbon
Core. Natural Wood+Bamboo
Sidewall. ABS
Base. S910 Sintered Graphite


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X3 + Prepreg Carbon

X3 Special Edition Model
The X3 SE is the carbon version of our original 3D contour X3 design delivering the same excellence of riding with a superior strength and flex.  Re-modelling with ultra light weight high-grade prepreg carbon DNA, the X3 SE brings powerful riding performance through enhanced core strength while enhancing the flex and torsion of the original X3 shape.

Designed for forward directional stance.
 X3  + Prepreg Carbon = Special Edition X3

I m a g e s


RIDER : Katsunori Motomura


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